Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun with Colugos on 21 April 07

Second discovery posting:

Late posting for Fun with Nature event.

On Saturday evening at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (BTNR), Fun with Colugos was held at the BTNR visitor center.

Norman Lim who authored a book on Colugos recently was there to share with the kids more about Colugos.

Before the event start, Andrew and some others managed to spot a colugo just nearby the visitor center. A lucky early sighting of the 'star' of the event.

After the sharing session, kids were brought into BTNR
in small groups for a short walk hoping to spot more colugos. And as i waited near the second shelter up the path of BTNR, Dr Vilma came over and said a kid spotted one more colugo back down the track and she left her name tag near the spot hoping that the colugo will be still there when we returned to the spot.

It was truly a lucky evening, as the colugo was still there when we went to the spot.

This time round, i managed to capture a photo of it (picture below)
Discovery Note:
1. Colugos are mammals (just like us!).
2. Although they are also called 'Flying Lemurs' although they are not exactly closely related to the lemurs of Madagascar and they don't fly, they are able to glide though.
3. Its ability to glide
is due to the thin membrane that stretches from the ends of the tail to each limb.
3. Colugos are mostly nocturnal (like bats!).
4. Colugos are able to hang upside down due to their strong and sharp claws (like bats!) but they don't do that always.
5. Colugos sleep by
clinging to trunks (as seen in picture) or hiding in tree holes.
6. Colugos is known to eat
mostly leaves, shoots, flowers and sap, and probably fruit as well.

After this sighting, the event ended soon afterwards as BTNR was closing soon and all of us were sort of rushing out before the NParks staff closed the gates. Goodbye BTNR~

For more information on Fun with Nature events, please check the wildsingapore or NSS website for details.

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