Saturday, January 19, 2008

Discovery @ NTU Yunnan Garden on 19 Jan 2008

Forty fourth discovery posting:

When was the last time you looked up into the sky?
Above our heads this morning was this wonderful sight (picture above and below).
Bougainvilleas which lined on both sides of the Chinese Heritage Center main door, stood as a welcoming natural fencing instead of a daunting concrete or steel fence. Flower of the bougainvillea (picture below).
The 'little yellow flower' which dots around Singapore could also be seen around the place (picture below).
And on the grass, have you ever looked closely enough to notice these little wonders (picture below)?I was at Yunnan Garden today for a final trial guiding session before the actual walk itself. So to give a sneak preview of what visitors can see in the garden would be the first 'discovery', a hibiscus (picture below). Discovery Note:
1. The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Bunga Raya or "Chinese hibiscus") is the national flower of Malaysia.

2. The ma‘o hau hele (Hibiscus brackenridgei) is the state flower of Hawai‘i.

3. The Hibiscus syriacus (Mugunghwa or "Rose of Sharon") is the national flower of South Korea.
4. And did you know that the dried flower is actually edible
and is a delicacy in Mexico!


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