Friday, April 25, 2008

Discovery @ Semakau on 25 April 2008

Fifty third Discovery Posting:
After almost a month of rushing assignments and examinations, it's finally time again for me to be close to nature again!

This morning, we had students and teachers from Chatsworth International School with us at the inter-tidal zone on Semakau!

Didn't had a lot of photos to show this time round, as i was rushing to find marine creatures for the guides to show our visitors and especially the first 'discovery' (picture below), which LK found in the end. =P
Discovery Note:
1. Some common names for this sea star includes: knobbly sea star and horned sea star. The scientific name for this sea star is Protoreaster nodosus.
2. One reason we call it the knobbly sea star is because of the knobs they possess.
3. Don't ask me why this is called the Protoreaster nodosus, because I'm neither a Latin nor sea star expert. =P
4. More information about this sea star can be found here.

The students and teachers were also treated to the sight of many more things around the area, like jellyfishes, moon snails, nudibranches, common sea stars etc...

In summary, it was an enjoyable trip despite being tired. =)

Last Note:
After reaching back to the mainland, we heard from some friends who were on Cryene Reef today also that they found the sea star which has got almost all of us really excited recently. This is because this sea star is one which has never been seen in Singapore before. The Pentaceraster tuberculatus!

To see pictures of it and many more sea stars, take a visit to KS's blog.

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