Saturday, November 15, 2008

Semakau has another Star!

Number Eighty Discovery Posting:

Together with a group of HSBC green volunteers and volunteers from NUS, NTU and other schools, we were at Semakau today for a transect training session to help everyone to familiarize ourselves with the ways we would use to do transects.

Well, looking at the title of this blog entry, you might be wondering which star would it be? Well, we have not managed to ID the 'new' seastar we saw yesterday (I heard from SY and PY that they saw the 'new' star again today, will await for their blog entries =D ). Anyway...

The star of this blog entry is shown below:
Here's a closer look (picture below)Its underside (picture below)Could this seastar be a juvenille Pentaceraster mammilatus (the newly discovered seastar on Cryene Reefs just this year)? Or could this be another species of Pentaceraster? No matter what, this is a GREAT find!

To compare, you can find some pictures of the Pentaceraster mammilatus on

To top this up, we also sighted a number of knobby sea stars. Here's one of them (picture below)And the more exciting part is that we saw at least around 7 of them (juvenilles!) amongst or near the seagrass meadows. Could Semakau be like Cyrene were there are a number of juvenille knobbly sea stars? If yes, it might mean more work for Star Trackers but nevertheless very exciting news for all!

Here are some of them (pictures below):Don't they look cute? Or is it just me...hehehe.

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