Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Semakau Outreach Walk on 4 April

114th Discovery Posting:

This is quite a belated posting on an inter-tidal walk on Semkau for the outreach program for Project Semakau. I will make this a short posting as there are other things that are waiting for me to complete.

First and Second 'discovery' would be a cowrie (above) and heart cockle (below) found in the picture below.
Cowries have a really beautiful shell and in the past, Polynesians have used them as some cowries as a form of currency. Till today, some people still collect them, not to use as money, but to sell them for money.

For the heart cockle, it would be easy to guess how they got their common name, their shape. Interestingly, their valve openings are located down the center of the 'heart', so when they open up, it looks a little like a heart break. =D

Third 'discovery' is the green ceratosoma nudibranch which seems to be in season in Singapore in the first few months of the year (picture below).
Fourth and Fifth 'discoveries' would be the cushion and knobbly sea star which my group, herons (if I remembered correctly) took a picture with (pictures below)Do apologize to all Herons, students from Jurongville Secondary, for such a late posting. Nevertheless, I had a great time with you all despite it being a rainy morning. =D

For more details on this trip, read RY's blog entry:

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