Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inter Tidal Walk @ Semakau on 2 Jun 2010

119th Discovery Posting

Another late and over due posting about the inter tidal walk last week. On 2 Jun 2010, I was free to help do guiding for the Project Semakau. This time round, I was assigned to guide a group of students from Boon Lay Secondary School.

Our morning that day didn't start off well. This was not because of the students nor teachers in my group but the weather. It was drizzling quite heavily when we reached the island. Luckily, there was no lighting alert, therefore, the walk would continue. However, all the groups would have to walk under the drizzle to the inter-tidal area as the drivers had not arrived on the island yet.
Despite the rainy weather, spirits were still quite high. I reckon this had to do with the amount of high energy the participants had. Hahaha... Anyway, the day got better as it went on. The first of it was a rainbow that appeared as we approached the forest trail.The second great thing that happened was that the rain cleared as we started to walk onto the inter-tidal area. Here's the group photo at the seagrass meadows (picture below).I did not really take a lot of photos during this trip and some of them did not turn out well, so I'm only posting the ones which you could get a good look at.

First off is this juvenile cushion star, first 'discovery' (picture below).
I guess the most interesting thing to my group about sea stars would be that they have no brains... that's why Patrick in the Spongebox show is so err.. silly...hahaha.

The other organism I would like to feature in this short post would be the knobbly sea star (picture below).
And here's the group photo with the 'star' of the walk (picture below).I have to apologize for the late and short post as I was slacking for the past few days and right now I have to rush out some work matters with regards to a project I'm doing at my workplace. PS: I hope all my group participants, Coral Reefs, enjoyed themselves last week cause I did. Thanks for another great experience =D

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