Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Discovery @ National Orchid Garden on 27 Nov 2007

Thirty fourth Discovery posting:

The National Orchid Garden (picture below), a place i wanted to revisit after participating in a guided walk there back in Jan 07.
Well, actually, most of the plants in this garden were intentionally transplanted from nurseries when they are flowering. Although it's not completely natural and somehow human-made, it can be an introduction to the beauties of nature.

Here is what will greet you when you enter the garden (picture below). Oh by the way, personal suggestion, this place is great for a alternative dating spot, just remember to go either in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat and bring that camera! =P
This discovery post will be loaded with many pictures of Orchids, so do be patient and wait for the pictures to load =)

The Golden Shower (picture below)
Other Orchids (pictures below):
The Singa Gold (picture below)Discovery Note (General Notes about Orchid):
1. The orchid family Orchidaceae is probably the largest family of flowering plants with an estimated species count of about 25,000 to 30,000.

More orchids (pictures below):
Do you know that a number of Orchids have been named after politicians, celebrities and other famous personalities?

Here's the Paravanda, named after Mr. Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa (picture below).
Here's the Akihito, named in honour of Emperor Akihito of Japan (picture below).Now make a guess about this orchid (picture below), she is very famous. Why? Read on to find out.The answer (picture below):Discovery Note (More about Orchids):
1. They occupy almost every habitat, but are mostly tropical and epiphytic, perching on forest trees for support only.

2. A few orchids are lithophytes, which mean they grow naturally on rocks or on very rocky soil.

3. Others are terrestrial. This group includes nearly all orchids found in temperate regions.

More orchids! (pictures below):

One of the Orchids which i had a liking due to its appearance (picture below):
Well, it was not all orchid sighting, i did spot a few birds here and there (but can't ID them =P) and a squirrel! (picture below)How about some tea and snacks with orchids behind you (picture below)?
Do remember to bring back your rubbish. =)More and more Orchids! (pictures below):Discovery Note (more about Orchids):
1. The flowers of orchids are bilaterally symmetric and their petal is always highly modified, their stamens and carpels(parts of a flower) are fused and seeds are extremely small.

2. The leaves generally are simple and have parallel veins.

Some more orchids? (pictures below)
Another personal favourite, oh, by the way, i think this orchid is Spathoglottis Jane Goodall, which mean this was named after Dr Jane Goodall (picture below). Saw the ID from Juan Hui's entry on a visit to the Gardens also, now i just need to get that link to her blog entry...Following three orchids were taken in the cool house within the garden (pictures below):This final orchid i'm featuring has an interesting name, Renanthera Singaporeans! (picture below) A orchid for all Singaporeans, i presume. =)The weather was great today when i was walking around, cool and not sunny, so it's thanks to the weather i had a great walk. =)

Read Juanhui's entry on her visit to the Orchid Garden about a week ago.
Read more about Orchids here from wikipedia.
More info about the National Orchid Garden? Click here.

Additional information:
Guided walks at the National Orchid Garden happens on the 3rd Saturday of every month.
Timing: 9am, 10am, 11am and 4pm.
Register at the visitor center.

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